Peter Palenchar

I am a member of the Department of Chemistry at Villanova University where I teach and do research. Primarily, I teach biochemistry related courses.

In teaching, I believe in giving students oppurtunities to practice what they have learned and engaging in active class room activities. I am also interested in assessment to help identify teaching methods that result in long term learning and retention. To aid this effort, we have created an on-line chemistry assessment tool. If you have any interest in using our tool, please, let me know.

Research: I use computational tools and genomic and structural information to study protein function, evolution, and connectivity in biological networks, especially in metabolic pathways. In my research, we use programming languages like K, R, PHP, and python to analyze data to understand how evolution affects protein function and structure in the context of biological networks.

I also am collaborating with Dr. Aimee Eggler to identify synergistic activators of NRF2. We have developed a flexible approach to identify synergy that will be broadly applicable to researchers studying the effects of combinatorial treatments of drugs and other molecules on biological systems and our preparing a manuscript on NRF2 regulators and synergy.