Chemistry Assessment Tool

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Who can I talk to?
If you have questions, concerns, or complaints, or think the research has hurt you, talk to the research team at,, or This research has been reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board ("IRB"). You may talk to the IRB office at (610) 519-4220 or if:
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• You cannot reach the research team.
• You want to talk to someone besides the research team.
• You have questions about your rights as a research subject.
• You want to get information or provide input about this research.

Why is this research being done?
This study is intended to assess the effectiveness of the curriculum and techniques used for teaching General Chemistry Laboratory concepts, as it pertains to lasting knowledge. Students, both current and past, will be asked content-based questions about CHM 1103 material, with the goal of tracking how well students retain information from year to year, considering variables such as time spent away from the course and major.

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